Field Trip to Try Out What We Will Have

SOAR playground in Stow.

Funny how children can figure out a solution to a problem they encounter. Mila is 6 and really too big for the Expression swing but hey she still loves it and fits. So her cousin Sawyer turned himself around and made it work!

5 to 12 Zero G Chair swing. This will also be used on the one side of our zip-line.

Sawyer is 9 and it fits him fine. Plenty of room to grow. We like the molded design. We will have TWO of these. Not showing, is the smaller version 2 to 5 Zero G Chair swing. We did not forget the littler ones. We will have TWO of these also.

Mila is blowing her dad a kiss as she bounds up the ramp system that will be similar to ours. Cousin Rowan had no problem keeping up with her.

Mila and her dad are in GameTime’s patented Expression swing. This playground has one, we will have TWO.