Slop Truck Fundraiser

We had the perfect day yesterday! The Slop Truck came out for us and held one heck of a fundraiser at the future site of our playground in Randolph. Sue, Woodie, and Brian all did a fabulous job serving the community and giving back to our non-profit. We loved seeing the the local businesses, soooo many East Manufacturing employees , neighboring school districts, Sarchoines, and Portage County Jobs & Family Services staff (and more businesses sorry if I missed any) all popping over for lunch. Then the families really came out for dinner to show their support as well. As each child came up and saw the playground display, they were so excited. We loved hearing their questions and comments about THEIR playground.

This wasn’t the first time The Slop Truck has shown us some love, they also donated to our online auction with a generous gift certificate! We are so thankful to The Slop Truck for their support – AND a BIG thank you to the community for showing up because we know without you this wouldn’t be possible. Also, we are so grateful for all the volunteers that donated baked goods for our bake sale. Huge shout out as well to Lisa VanderKaay and her super adorable and yummy cupcakes with Mila and Rowyn’s photos on top. If you need any custom cakes or cupcakes, check out VanderKaakes!!! Your sweet treats were a huge hit! Next time you’re in need of some delicious eats, call The Slop Truck! You’ll be in hog heaven we promise!