Playground Design

Custom designed by GameTime, a leading designer, manufacturer, and customer service company for commercial play and recreation products, the playground surface will consist of a Spectra poured-in-place rubber surface, and feature fun and accessible equipment for all ages and abilities. Playground features include:

  • Ability Whirl®
  • Global Motion sphere
  • Musical Wee Notes ensemble
  • Sky Run Zip Track
  • Log Crawl tunnels
  • And more!

Following the 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design™, our GameTime award-winning playground equipment would be a certified National Demonstration Site – the 4th in Ohio! As a National Demonstration Site, we will:

  • Promote leadership through best practice principles that create outdoor play environments for people of all ages and abilities
  • Collaborate with program partners and document the process for others to replicate
  • Create positive attention and attract partners/funds that support inclusive initiatives
  • Gain national awareness through various media outlets, press releases, collateral materials and nationwide presentations
  • Receive letter of recognition and signage for serving as a model demonstration site